Membership Benefits

Professional Development Workshops

NSA-KC holds professional development workshops featuring some of the best presenters in NSA. These 4-hour workshops give you unprecedented exposure and opportunity to learn from speakers who are experts in the art and business of speaking. These nationally and internationally renowned mentors provide a wealth of knowledge to guide your professional development and to grow your business. Each of these workshops will be videotaped and made available for a small fee for NSA-KC members who cannot attend.


SNACs - Speakers Networking And Collaborating

These informal gatherings give members and nonmembers the opportunity to network, share successes about their businesses, and learn more about NSA-KC.



We offer webinars featuring NSA national speakers and thought leaders from around the world. These special sessions allow you to relax in the comfort of your home or office and connect with great speakers and mentors.


Coffee Chats & Fireside Chats

These members-only informal gatherings are offered when nationally-known NSA speakers are in town for speaking engagements and are available to share their wisdom with us. These are often impromptu and provide a wonderful opportunity to learn from the best in a much more intimate setting.


Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups are formed to help you stay focused and accountable to your vision and purpose. Speakers from the 5-state region can join an existing mastermind group, or create their own groups in a format that is most convenient for them.


Listing in our Directory of Speakers

Meeting planners and those searching for a local speaker often search our directory to find the right speaker. NSA-KC members have the benefit of being listed in our local directory that links directly to your NSA eSpeaker profile.



NSA-KC members naturally help other members.  Cavett Robert, the founder of NSA, strongly encouraged members to help each other.  In the "Spirit of Cavett," referrals, advice on running your business, connections, partnering, mentoring and brainstorming take place between members in our own unique NSA-KC family.  One of the most valuable benefits of NSA-KC membership is being surrounded by a group of people who want to help you succeed.


Chapter Involvement

NSA-KC members are expected to participate, at some level, in the chapter programs. Since NSA-KC is a volunteer organization, active participation from members helps grow the chapter and develops depth for a successful and sustainable organization. Knowing that we are all professional speakers and frequently on the road, we strive to have "short-term tasks" so people can contribute easily and effortlessly.

Many NSA-KC members say their most rewarding experiences come from the camaraderie and synergy that happens when volunteering to work on NSA-KC projects. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Professional Development: Seminars and Webinars
    • Location Coordination
    • Registration
    • Refreshments
    • Audio/Visual
  • Professional Development: Mentoring
  • Professional Mastermind Groups
  • Membership and Hospitality
    • New Member Orientation
    • Outreach to Potential Members
    • Event Notification Reminders
  • Social Media
  • NSA-KC Newsletter
  • Marketing and Publicity
  • Fireside Chats
    • Location Coordination
    • Member Notification
  • Finance and/or Fundraising
  • Professional Networking



Access to an administrative professional who can help you with marketing communications for your business. She understands the speaking business.

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