NSA Membership

You’ve got a message and a passion for sharing it. NSA has the tools, the techniques and the professional connections to help you do that more effectively and profitably. We also have a 3,500+ member collective of talented speakers eager to welcome you and swap stories about this exciting business we’re in. It’s really that simple. Our members have all been where you are today. From the yearning to connect with more people through your speaking business to the fears, frustration, and lonely nights on the road...we get it. And we can help you achieve greater levels of success and satisfaction.


Professional Membership

Get access to a wide range of tools and resources, and connect with an extensive network of intelligent and accomplished speakers as an NSA Professional member. Stop working in isolation and start reaping the benefits of membership in an organization built on the principles of mutual support and shared success. Whether you’re striving to reach a wider audience or have a thriving business but are looking to branch out and develop other revenue streams, the information and expertise you have access to through NSA is unparalleled. Join today and start crafting an actionable plan for achieving your goals. Learn more about membership in the national organization here.