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“The Message of You”  with Judy Carter

 Comedian, Author & Speaker

 September 12, 2013


In this inspiring and hilarious webinar, the author of “The Comedy Bible” and “The Message of You,” and the star of NSA’s Laugh Lab, Judy Carter, takes you on an amazing journey – into yourself.  She will prove that even if you feel like an “ordinary” person you actually have an extraordinary story to share.  A story only you can tell.  A story that can inspire others, ignite your career, and help you better connect with your all the audiences of your life.

What is this amazing story? Your journey from Mess to Success! Every person has faced challenges, overcome obstacles and acquired wisdom along the way – it’s time now to share your journey with others.   “Whether you’ve climbed Kilimanjaro or climbed out of a depression, the worst messes of your life actually contain a message of inspiration; you can benefit from them by transforming them into stories that get others to listen, laugh, and cherish your wisdom.”

Covered in this webinar:

  • How to uncover The Message of You
  • Using your message as a marketing tool to get paying gigs
  • Marketing your message rather than you
  • Turning the Eureka Moments of your life into memorable stories
  • Getting laughs without telling jokes

Judy suggests that you read her book, “The Message of You,” prior to attending to get more value. The book can be downloaded from Amazon Kindle for $11 here.

COST: $25 for the recording and workbook download.

“How to Master Storytelling for
Better Speaking” 
with Craig Valentine

1999 World Champion of Public Speaking

January 15, 2014


What is the absolute most important skill you need in speaking? It is the ability to tell your story and sell your point. This is due to the following truth:

When people buy into your story, they buy into your message.

In Daniel Pink’s groundbreaking book, A Whole New Mind, he emphasizes we are moving from the “Information Age” into the “Conceptual Age.” People need a way to filter through a daily avalanche of information. Hence, they look to concepts as shortcuts. Who wins in this new age? Those who sell concepts win. What’s the best way to sell concepts? Storytelling.

In this powerful webinar, Craig Valentine shares tools to help you…

  • Keep audiences on the edge of their seats with your stories.
  • Uncover humor that keeps your audience laughing throughout the speech.
  • Connect deeper than most speakers ever will.
  • Get your audience to take the next step you want them to take (connect and convert).
  • Become the kind of speaker others line up and sign up to see.

This is one webinar you cannot afford to miss! Turn yourself into a storytelling champion and watch as opportunities become abundant for you.

COST: $25 for the recording and download.