Our Chapter Members

These professional speakers are members of the NSA-KC Chapter.  To find more information about a particular speaker, enter that speaker's name in the search field on Directory of Speakers.

Marianne (Mea) Austin

Lois Banta

Jeff Beals

Kim Becking

Jessica Best

Joe Calhoon, CSP

Dr. Julie Connor

Devin Henderson, CSP

Mark Hunter, CSP

Steve Iwersen, CSP

Jeff Lanza

Rodney Loesch

Carolyn McCall

Mindi McKenna

Marquita Miller

Karel Murray, CSP

Dorinda Nicholson

David Norris

Shannon Oleen

Ron Patton

Cary Phillips

Jack Randall

Kathleen Randall, CSP

Mary Redmond

Margaret Reynolds

Lauren Schieffer, CSP

Steven Schumann

Marty Stanley, CSP

Paula Switzer

Barbara Teicher, CSP

Helen Torrence-Bey

Cy (Cynthia) Wakeman

Candace Whirley, CSP