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Whether your event calls for a keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, facilitator, master of ceremonies or all of these, finding the right speaker is the most critical factor in the success of your meeting.

If you are looking for an inspirational message, an entertaining speaker or specialized training in sales, leadership, effective communication, project management, negotiation, cultural change and many other topics, the National Speakers Association Kansas City Chapter (NSA-KC) can help.

NSA-KC is not a speaker bureau and does not recommend specific speakers or get involved in the process of speaker selection. However, we have information and resources for anyone who is looking for presenters.

Your attendees want to leave your meeting with more than they came with. See our Directory of Speakers to find a professional NSA Kansas City member to help your event be a memorable success. To see all the speakers in our Kansas City Chapter, click on "view all speakers" under the search box on the next page.

Scroll down for more information on what defines a professional speaker and why to hire one for your event.

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What defines a Professional Speaker?

The most encompassing definition is membership in the National Speakers Association. Membership requires a substantial level of credentials earned in education, training, experience and business success that differentiate the professional talent from others. Some NSA Kansas City members serve their clients through keynotes, public and in-house seminars, convention workshops, webinars, radio, TV, books, CDs and even consulting services.


Why hire a Professional Speaker?

Speakers are hired, much like lawyers, accountants, engineers or other skilled professionals, to get the job done in a fashion that produces results and produces a good return on investment.


5 Reasons why hiring these pros will benefit YOU.

  • Professionals earn their living speaking and training, which brings the kind of wide experience that will make your sessions a success.


  • Professional speakers and trainers can supply the credentials and references to indicate their commitment to the speaking profession, which will give you peace of mind.
  •  Professionals will give you support material:
    • Brochures that define their area of expertise and let you know what subjects they speak on and what types of programs they do (seminars or workshops, keynote speeches, luncheon or dinner talks, etc.).
    • Audio or video tapes that make it easier for you to judge whether they’re right for your group.
  • Professionals will tailor their presentations to meet the particular needs of your group.
  • Professionals know how to help you make your event a success: from how to set up a room, to some best practices for promoting your event, and how to stay within the time and budget guidelines you require.


In short, when you hire a member of the NSA-KC, you’ll better ensure that you will get a high quality, professional presentation. Best of all, you can rest easy knowing in advance that you hired the best. Your group will be applauding you, as well as the speaker, when the presentation is over.

Because we know that finding the right speaker can be a daunting task. The article 9 Tips for Finding the Right Speaker can help simplify the process.